“Failure isn’t real. Mistakes happen and attempts are made – learn from it, pick yourself back up and try again.”

The Issue / The Rant

I received my grade for my FNCE exam. 66 was written clearly with a red pen. After a quick glance, I immediately flipped through the exam pages, trying to avoid embarrassment from others and also to avoid reality. Did I really get a 66? I couldn’t help but constantly ask how was it possible that I got a 66, after spending 3 hours straight studying for this exam. Sitting through the 1 hour and 30-minute long class was depressing. The professor went through the questions of the exam, and I just wished the class was over already. After class, my friend followed me along and asked me if I wanted to eat with him. Why not? I should relax a little. The chat was casual and it allowed me to keep my mind off of my embarrassing grade. But after saying goodbye to my friend, my silent yet deadly emotions came flooding over me. Embarrassment. Disappointment. Depression. Anxiety. I’m looking over my exam and I realized I did not study enough. I had spent 3 hours straight studying every calculation problem done on the classwork notes. I thought that 3 hours of studying was really the most I have probably done in my life for a class, so I assumed it would be enough. However, it was my failure to notice that the understanding of concepts was also worth 50% of the exam. So after contemplating whether I should be depressed or not about my exam grade, I guess I shouldn’t be. This served as a huge lesson for me to understand the format of the exam beforehand because that will guide me on how I should study properly. Anyways, now that I got my embarrassment over an exam grade over with, there was another huge problem rising. I keep a bullet journal to track my school and personal dates, details, etc. I have a grade tracker in my bullet journal, and once I flipped to this grade tracker, I saw the horrifying grades that no one would have thought was received by me. Physics – 68%. Accounting – 67%. And now Finance – 66%. What is going on with me?…. I’m not like this. In just 2 weeks of exams, these were the grades I received so far. I admit that during my first week, I had depression and didn’t feel like studying for my Physics and Accounting exams, so that serves me right. As for the second week, I had Finance and OPIM exams, and during this week, I recovered from depression because the grade I received from Accounting shocked me, so I smacked myself and studied for Finance and OPIM seriously. This week, which is the third week, I had Philosophy and Anthropology exams. Which, I studied for Philosophy the day before the exam, so we’ll see how the grade turns. As for my OPIM and Anthropology exams, I received a 100% on Anthropology, and I’m pretty sure I got a 100% on the OPIM, but we’ll see.

The Cause

Overall, I’m obviously not satisfied with my grades, but I’m a pretty reasonable person. I like to list out the things that are causing me to have these grades. Now, I know I blame others a lot (I mean don’t we all?) because that’s the easier way to cope, but if I want to solve the issue, I need to seriously face it. So here is my list of explanations as to why I did poorly or well for each class:

1) Physics – It was 100% my problem that I did not study and got cocky, thinking it’ll be easy to wing it. 2) Accounting – After just the first week into this class, I knew my professor was absolutely useless once he started playing robotic presentation slides that weren’t made by him, nor did he explain anything clearly, slowly, or properly. Going to class was like torture because I knew the majority of the students including myself would learn nothing after a 1-hour 30-minute class. Anyways, today was my first day attending another professor’s class, and god bless, it actually feels like a class. 3) OPIM – This class is easy and I’m proud of it (haha). 4) Finance – I focused all my energy on calculations rather than concepts, so I learned to never just study what you’re good at, but what you’re not good at, and also ask for help because it saves you time and effort. 5) Philosophy – I studied the day before the exam, and I realized the wording on the exam may sometimes seem tricky, but it wasn’t too bad, but hey, I’ll have to wait for the score to come out. 6) Anthropology – I have nothing to say about the exam. It was an online exam, so all my answers were found online.


Anyways, lets look at a much more positive perspective. What can I do to improve? I mean, that’s the ultimate question for every human being who wants to progress in life right? So here are the changes I’ll be making:

1) Physics – Attend class no matter how tormenting it is to get up at 7am (it’s easy to say than do haha). Do the online practice questions right after class to better remember the material and to continue being productive in the morning.

2) Accounting – Attend the other professor’s class because clearly, after 5 minutes into the other professor’s class, the teaching quality difference was incomparable. And his damn practice questions look like they’ll actually be on the exams (which it was proven that the first exam actually had his questions).

3) Operations and Information Management (OPIM) – Don’t be cocky even though the class is easy. Pay attention in class. Even 1 minute of lost information means you need to go out of your way to figure out what you missed, which you don’t even know what you missed in the first place, so you wouldn’t be able to figure out what’s the exact issue. Get it?

4) Finance – For the exam, study every single calculation problem done in class work notes, and go to office hours to get help on the conceptual-based questions. Yes, this will surely take more than 3 hours of your life, so make sure to plan out your study schedule at least a week before the exam.

5) Philosophy – Go to class and take notes on a computer because the guy talks so damn fast and messy. As for exam study guides, type it instead of writing it because, with the amount of material you have to organize, it’s a lot more efficient and convenient this way.

6) Anthropology – Participate in discussion section more to get participation points.

Now after listing my solutions, I feel a lot better because now I know what I need to do to make sure my academic life runs a lot more smooth and organized. In addition, the process of me sitting down to blog about my issues, understanding my issues, then finding solutions to my issues.. it’s a great process to go through to pick myself back up and follow my own guide. Anyways, hopefully, I get better grades! More importantly, hopefully, I don’t procrastinate (laziness beats me most days haha).

I apologize for the long blog post and any grammatical errors. This blog post was for me to just write my thoughts and emotions down to help myself. I won’t be editing this post to make it easier for the reader to read (sorry haha). BUT now you get a fresh glimpse of who I am behind this screen. Fresh~

Have you encountered any issues in school? What are your favorite tips to becoming successful in school?

Wish you all luck, Joanne’s Bubble.